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Sheila (Ch. Jesmyster Sheila ‘Ngig Hataki, JC)

Sheila is a sleek, shapely ridgeback. Friends over at say other dogs must call her "She Who Loves To Run". A video of Sheila running became inspiration for their logo.

Ridgeback owners in our local exercise group (The Breakfast Club) are amazed by her love to run, endurance and speed.


Future Litter

Armagh Rhodesian Ridgebacks announces a future litter due in March 2004. Bigs was chosen for his wonderful chest and personality. He has produced a stunning litter with Diva.

Sheila is a well kept secret that has been tucked away here in the Northwest. She is the very pretty daughter of Katie (Ch Hataki Victory Hunter, CD and Ch Filmakers Blazing Blue Star) is a litter sister to FCh Jesmyster Eulenspiegel (aka Gusto) of coursing fame and now making his way through the agility rings with Gary Larsen.

Her coursing drive and talent is every bit as strong as Gusto's but she is silent once coursing and she just loves the agility course.

Her first and only ASFA meet resulted in two BOBs and a BIF.

Her most recent trip to the ring was the Western Washington Hound Specialty in August 2002 and she was BOS to her house mate Ch. Wyndrunhr The Winds of War.


Sheila's Pedigree


Bigs - male ridgeback stacked
Bigs in Flushing, NY
Bigs Stacked


Visit the Bigs page here


Sheila and Bigs have complimentary strengths and each has positive features to offer the other. Sheila adds elegance and intensity to highlight Bigs' masculinity and his mellow personality.

Bigs has a very strong top line and a mental focus that brought him his many tracking titles which we expect will combine with Sheila's energy to produce puppies with friendly and energetic personalities.

Sheila's first litter also with a male with athletic talent but mellow personality has produced great puppies with wonderful personalities and plenty of physical energy. We wanted her second litter to be with an equally wonderful but younger male, and we are so lucky to have Bigs close.

Particularly telling was that Bigs and Sheila hit it off the first time they met. She was much more playful and affectionate with Bigs than was the rule with other male dogs, and he was just so sweet with her. Sheila is happy to spend time with Bigs without so much as a backward glance.

two dogs play in shallow water

Bigs Plays with Sheila


More Photos of Sheila

Comments Fro


Kitty & Jim have an amazing Rhodesian Ridgeback named Sheila.

Sheila's housemates are the very beautiful Maeve, and the handsome and solid male Conner.

Not only does Sheila love to run more than any RR in The Breakfast Club (15+ RRs), but she is also very sweet indoors.

No Breakfast Club RR comes close to Sheila's speed, endurance, or drive.

We captured this video of Sheila running when another RR owner pointed out she was in range -- a rare occurrence. You can hear the comments from other RR owners.

We were hoping for a show quality female from Sheila X Romeo - but no show quality girls. We were very lucky to get a stunning female from Diva X Bigs. Now we are excited to see the pups from Sheila and Bigs, and just might have to take one! Three Ridgebacks are our limit.

René --- 4Love Of