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maeve best of opposite sex (to connor) portland 2002




maeve (ch. wyndrunhr witch o’the west mer-lands)

maeve is currently one of the top female rhodesian ridgebacks for 2003 in the united states.

she is a beautiful liver-nose that is graceful and sweet. she can be seen running after sheila in this video.

maeve’s formal name “witch o’the west mer-lands” is taken from a very old ballad rendered in popular form by stan rogers. bonnie norris her breeder wanted names that were song titles.

she has been beguiling judges since 2002 when she returned to the ring after a near fatal encounter with grapes and tannin toxicity.

she is superbly presented by scott price of nice dogs.

she is like the little girl with the curl - when she is good she is very, very good and when she is bad she is horrid. [web designer's comment - typical for even a sweet rr]




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