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Our Dogs



Current Dogs:

Click on name below for more info, photos and videos.

Sheila - Sleek Runner

Sheila (Ch. Jesmyster Sheila ‘Ngig Hataki, JC)

Other Ridgeback owners in The Breakfast Club tell us that Sheila is much faster, and has more drive than any RR they have ever seen. Sheila has been winning many dog shows.

To see Sheila's pedigree and health documentation, click here.


Maeve - So Beautiful

Maeve (Ch. Wyndrunhr Witch O’the West Mer-lands)

Maeve is a beautiful liver-nose female that is currently the number 1 Bitch for 2003, in the USA.


Connor-Brian - Handsome Solid Male

Connor-Brian (Ch. Wyndrunhr The Winds of War)

Connor is a handsome and solid male who's pups are just entering the confirmation ring.


Brianna - Willful Wiggle Worm

Brianna (Wyndrunhr Brianna Of Course)

Brianna, like Brian, stands for "strong". The newest edition to our pack, she is quickly making herself at home.


Past Dogs We Loved and Miss:

Colin (Wyndrunhr CuChulain Top Gun) Deceased 12/1999
Ra (Ch. Amani’s Yakuti Ekunda Raisuli) Deceased 1986
Pucci (Ch. Shangani’s Indwe Inja Inyala) Deceased 1985