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bigs (am/can ch. granby little big man am/can td can tdx)

bigs is a hansome substantial male ridgeback with a sweet disposition. bigs is owned and treasured by avril hall (beaubijou kennels) of vancouver bc, canada.

bigg’s is an up and coming sire fresh from an outstanding first litter with the lovely am./can champion wyndrunhr airborne of course (aka diva) owned by barb mcclarty of langley bc, canada. this litter with diva was really spectacular and we expect a similar result with sheila (am champion jesmyster sheila n’gig hataki, jc).


bigs stacked


bigs' pedigree
am/can ch. granby little big man am/can td can tdx


temperament profile – a one-person dog, bigs excels in tracking, conformation, lure coursing and other activities. he is dog savvy and appropriately aloof with strangers. this sweet-natured companion typifies breed temperament characteristics that so many rr owners have grown to love.

body type – people refer to bigs’ type as “old time” ridgeback. with significant bone, powerful musculature and deep, full chest, bigs exemplifies what many fanciers classify as having “substance.” standing at 26 ¾” he correctly falls within the breed height standard and is moderately over the weight standard due to his amount of bone and muscle.

awards – bigs completed his canadian championship at 18 months of age by winning over 23 other dogs under respected breeder/judge dick rupert of oakhurst kennels.
at 15 months of age, bigs completed his canadian tracking dog title and became the only current canadian ridgeback to hold a tracking title.

bigs went on to complete his us tracking dog title at 2 ½. we will be working towards both his canadian & us tracking dog excellent titles come the fall.

bigs has been shown sparingly in the us and has recently completed his am championship.

he has had limited showing as a special but still managed to become a multi-breed winner.


bigs wins best of group

lower mainland dog fanciers of british columbia, canada

feburary 27, 28 and 29th, 2004

bigs romps with sheila


rhodesian ridgeback tracking

bigs tracking


reach and drive

bigs' reach and drive


sleepy ridgeback

bigs snoozing

more info and photos of bigs and his offspring can be found here.

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