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Sheila and Maeve



Armagh Rhodesian Ridgebacks

"We" are Kitty Tominey and Jim Dukelow - currently living on 12 acres of Red Mountain in Benton County, Washington, USA with Connor-Brian and Bow Tie. Our place is halfway up Red Mountain with a great view. In time, some view photos will be placed below!

Armagh is the county and city in northern Ireland where my father Patrick Tominey emigrated from in the late 1920's. Armagh has been a cross-roads for trade and war for thousands of years. Jim’s father’s family came to The United States from County Cork in the 1800s.

Our Mission

  • What we want to achieve - RRs that are great family companions, strut their stuff in conformation and perform like the Celtic athletes and warriors of legend. Other Ridgeback owners tell us that we are on our way.
  • Producing dogs that can do the job they were bred to do.
  • Establish relationships with great owners that value our Ridgebacks. We seek owners matched to dogs that bring out the best in each other.

How we do it


  • Attention to the health status of breeding stock.
  • Careful attention to the temperaments of moms and pops.
  • Independent assessments of structure and temperaments by experts not involved in the breeding.
  • Careful selection of owners.
  • On-going education about canine health issues in general.
  • Follow-up on our puppies as they develop.
  • Contracts that clearly articulate our policies regarding treatment, care, and maintenance of our dogs.

Supporting our owners

  • Armagh keeps in touch with our owners, sending new information as it becomes available that we think is useful.
  • Armagh encourages Ridgeback owners to connect with other Ridgeback owners for play, competition, and fellowship.
  • We register our puppies with AKC, microchip, and pay all fees to register the puppies.
  • Armagh requires puppies to attend obedience training.
  • We encourage new owners to participate in fun activities with their Ridgebacks such as events, off-leash dog parks, and training.

Promoting responsible ownership

  • Armagh contributes to Ridgeback Rescue at the national and local level.
  • Our site provides information on available dog parks, national and local level Ridgeback clubs, regional and local events.
  • Armagh has membership in the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the U.S., the Northwest Rhodesian Ridgeback Club, and are signatories to their codes of ethics for breeding, and we are members of the Canadian Kennel Club.
  • We encourage our new owners to join the regional club.

Armagh Rhodesian Ridgebacks take the health of our breed very seriously. All breeding stock have had the full series of health tests that are available and are current on the Thyroid and Eye certifications that have to performed within 12 months of breeding. The current tests that we do are:

  • Degenerative Myeolopathy(DM) genetic test - currently we do not do carrier to carrier breeding.
  • Orthopedic Status - Hips, Elbows, and Patellas
  • Thyroid - full MSU panel (requires an annual update)
  • Cardiac - We prefer the Echo techology
  • Eyes - Canine Eye Research Foundation (CERF) (Requires an annual update)
  • Hearing - BAER (where there is known deafness)

In some cases, where the sire has been deceased for many years and some of these tests where not available or not commonly done, we research the status of off spring to reduce the chances of inserting problems into our breeding program.

We do not euthanize ridgeless puppies or those with dermoid sinus (DS). DS is operable and we have that done before an affected puppy goes home; we have never had any problem with placing ridgeless puppies. My stud dog contracts do not requires euthanizing ridgeless or DM puppies; I do not sell breeding stock to those who do require it.