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Cute Rhodesian Ridgeback pup
Maeve "The Puppy Witch" - AOM at the 2004 RRCUS speciality at Plano, Texas September 2004



Armagh Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Welcome to Armagh Rhodesian Ridgebacks. We are responsible breeders dedicated to improving the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed.


Penny x Tristan and Bow Tie 2009 (Dual Sire)

Puppies born 2/21/09 - Litter Page

Planned Dual Sire Litter


Briana x Trooper 2008

Puppies born 8/03/08 - 4 boys, 5 girls - Litter Page

All have good ridges, no kinked tails, and no discernible dermoids


Sheila x "Arizona" Coby 2005

Puppies born 7/18/05 - 3 boys, 7 girls

All have perfect ridges (except for two ridgeless girls), no kinked tails, and no discernible dermoids

April 14, 2005 Puppy Photos


Sheila x Bigs 2004
April 17, 2004 Puppy Photos
April 3, 2004 Puppy Photos

Sheila x Romeo 2003
Classic Photos here